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UK political candidate calls for abolishing golf courses and bringing back... the guillotine?

April 24, 2017
Traditional Guillotine against a stormy sky


Say "no" to golf courses and "yes" to . . . guillotines? That's exactly what one UK Independence Party candidate is suggesting in a political manifesto that's gone viral.

Gisella Allen, an 84-year-old running for local council in Glasgow, put forth some pretty extreme ideas in her piece on why she'd be a good representative, which ran in the Clydebank Post last week. These two beliefs caught our eye in particular:

"I would abolish golf courses because they're an environmental threat and a threat to the safety of people."

OK. . . And this on capital punishment:

"And I want the death penalty to be reenacted. It doesn't necessarily have to be hanging. You could have the guillotine. I think the public is entitled to protection."

Wow. Read the whole piece, which includes other controversial -- to say the least -- proposals, below:

"I'm a very good public speaker," Allen says. Yeah. . . something tells us that's not going to be enough to get you elected this time.