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TZ: Tee your golf ball the same height every time

February 18, 2013

Teeing the ball at a consistent height is no doubt important (albeit provided you're reasonably consistent in returning the clubhead on the same path), so a young entrepreneur with the help of his father developed a simple way of doing so.

JC Godlove, a recent American University graduate, has introduced the TZ, a device that works with any tee and ensures that you tee the ball at the same height every time.

"My father is an engineer and inventor/tinkerer at heart and designed and patented the TZ," Godlove wrote in an email. "When we hit a bad drive, we were never sure if it was our inconsistent tee height, our swing, or a combination that was causing our bad drives, so my Dad came up with the idea for the TZ to fix this problem."

The Godlove Golf website quotes from Callaway Golf's Randy Peterson's article, ["The Scientifice Side of Ball Striking"](file:///Users/johnstrege/Downloads/The-Scientific-Side-of-Ball-Striking.html): "How high you tee the ball has a big effect on where you hit the ball on the clubface," Peterson, a respected instructor, wrote. "And where you hit the ball on the clubface, especially with a driver, dramatically affects the resulting shot."

The TZ will last a lifetime (its made from an aluminum alloy), Godlove said, provided you don't lose it. The photo above demonstrates how it works, by slipping a tee in it, teeing the ball, then removing the TZ.

They're offered in three sizes -- high launch, standard and low bore -- and two colors. Thge cost is $9.99. They can be pre-ordered at the company website and will be available in early spring, Godlove said.