Self Owns

Tyrrell Hatton roasting himself after a bad shot will never not be funny

Tyrrell Hatton said his game would be rusty when he teed it up this week at the Palmetto Championship, just his second start in the last nine weeks. His words proved prophetic in the opening round, with the Englishman making three birdies and three silly bogeys for an even-par 71 at Congaree Golf Club.

Hatton's self-own game, though, was in peak form on Thursday. The man who once asked his caddie mid ball flight if he'd ever "seen a worse golf shot," then added "no, answer the question," delivered another gem after a wayward 3-wood at the par-5 12th, where he had just waited for the green to clear. 

"That was worth the wait, wasn't it?" Hatton says, adding, "That's f---ing impressive. My god." 

Luckily for us, cameras (and microphones) were on hand to capture the full sequence in all its glory:

Absolutely perfect. There may be no lower feeling in golf than waiting for the green to clear on a par 5, or a drivable par 4, and then block-cutting the crap out of it like Hatton does here. For the rest of us peons, however, it's usually a gigantic chunk or a cold top, which is a level of embarrassment these tour pros rarely experience. But Hatton still nailed the exact same exchange we'd all have with ourselves in this situation. He remains one of the top 10 guys fans would actually pay to hear mic'd up on a regualr basis. Somebody, please make it happen.