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Two views of on-course celebrating

October 31, 2009

There's a lull in the action--they've just called off the second-to-the-last PGA Tour event due to weather--and your letters are lulling as well. But every once in a while two land on almost the same day that express perfectly beautifully diverse our game or, in this case, its fan base.



Dear Editor,>

Golf World's Oct. 19 cover photo of Tiger reacting to a shot during the Presidents Cup says it all. Jack Nicklaus beat them all with style and professionalism.>

Showboating was not part of his act, and Tiger would do well to eliminate>

it from his.>





Dear Editor,>

Taking a shot in the dark here. Do you have any idea where I could order a print of that picture of Tiger on the cover of your October 19,2009 issue?>

I, of course, have the issue, but with my address and all on the cover, it would not frame up very well.>

Thank you.>

Jim Hutson>

Corpus Christi, TX


Shot in the dark here. A, Golfers do things differently in Quebec and Texas and B, events and photos of those events look distinctly different depending on one's point of view--for example, if your team one or lost. I'm one of those "act like you've been there before" guys, but Tiger Woods didn't get where he is without passion. When Maurice Richard or Boom Boom Geoffrion would celebrate after slipping one by Terry Sawchuck, it pained me to no end. I felt a whole lot differently when it was Gordie Howe doing the celebrating.

We're working on the print.

--Bob Carney