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Two views of First Golfer, Barack Obama

July 10, 2009

Sports magazines venture gingerly into the world of politics. Here are two letters, reacting to Golf World's coverage of President O'Bama's golfing habits, that suggest why.



Dear Editor, >

It was great reporting to read that that President Obama played golf four times last month in your July 6th issue. Don't be disappointed his scores were not available. After all, the many magical rewards and reasons for playing "the greatest game of all" have little to do with numbers on a scorecard. >

Golf is a wonderful escape (for young and old), where you enjoy friends, have an outdoor experience, get some exercise, and maybe make a few good swings. Which are all more important reasons than numbers on a scorecard for playing again.>

Michael Hebron>

Master PGA Golf Professional>

Smithtown, NY


__Dear Editor,>

Please explain why you insist on including a blurb on Obama in everyone of your issures. I have cancelled several magazines subscriptions because of wall to wall coverage of this man.__

I use to be excited about getting Golf World but I will cancel my subscription if you keep adding articles on him. What is the point, he's not a good golfer, he has nothing to add on playing golf except he sucks at it.

I've got news for him and you, his golf swing isn't the only thing that needs work.

Carolyn Jackson

Weldon Spring, MO

Thanks, Mike and Carolyn. Here is our reasoning for covering the President, for what it's worth. First, we're happy that someone in a position of power and influence these days is not apologizing for his (our) sport. Second, we have covered every golfing president, regardless of whether he played down the left or right side of the fairway. See previous items on the Bushes, and, of late, Ike in Golf World. (John Strege even suggested in his Local Knowledge blog that George H.W. Bush ought to be considered for the Hall of Fame). In Golf Digest Tom Friedman interviewed Clinton, Dan Jenkins played with 41 (a round chronicled in Don Van Natta's book on presidential golf).. Finally, we're proud when the President plays our game. But we'll keep them short.

--Bob Carney

(Photo by AP)