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Two Ryder Cup shots you didn't see on TV

September 30, 2014

You didn't see them because they happened in a different Ryder Cup, the one the Sunday Morning Group held while the American tour stars were getting whupped in Scotland. Twenty-four guys signed up in advance, and Corey, our pro, divided us into two teams. The youngest guy in the field didn't show, apparently because he had met someone interesting in a bar the night before. Corey took his place, after persuading his mother, our club's immediate past president, to watch the golf shop for him. (The guy who didn't show made a big mistake, in my opinion. The time to establish golf in a romantic relationship is at the beginning, before the non-playing party has had time to develop a case.)


We played six four-ball matches, and each was worth a point. We also had our normal Sunday-morning skins and the Money Hole -- something the PGA of America ought to consider for 2016. Tom Watson should listen up, too, because in our matches the American team won, 4-2. That's the only time in history, I'm pretty sure, that an SMG special event has failed to predict the outcome of whatever real thing it was pretending to be. (In the past, we've successfully called two national elections and a Super Bowl.)


Before I get to the two shots that weren't shown on TV, I'd like to make two general observations about the other Ryder Cup:


Now, back to the other Ryder Cup. The two shots you haven't seen were both hit by Doug, who was my partner. In each case, he went on to triple- or even quadruple-bogey the hole. But that was OK because I had him covered.