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Two important new golf-course classifications

November 03, 2014

During the Sunday Morning Group's recent golf-only trip to Atlantic City, we played one course that made me extra sympathetic to women golfers, because there were so many houses right next to the fairways. It wasn't as bad as this course in Las Vegas:


Still, on most of the holes there was virtually no covering vegetation. I suppose that, when houses are that close to golf holes, you can always ring a doorbell and ask to use the powder room -- or maybe just let yourself in, in case the people who live there are busy. Anyway, the other two places we played were a lot more accommodating, and it occurred to me that courses that look out for beer drinkers and middle-aged men deserve official recognition. So at our next editorial meeting I'm going to suggest that we begin awarding these:


I'm also going to suggest that we do something about golf courses that don't offer pushcarts or pullcarts for rent -- sadly true of all three courses we played. I hadn't been able to bring my pushcart because Reese's car barely had room for me. I've never played a golf course in Scotland, Ireland, or England that didn't have "trolleys" available. Isn't the whole thing about the United States that we have more of everything than anyone else? Get with the program, golf courses, or I might have to give you one of these: