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Two exercises to 'address' a common golf problem

September 30, 2016

Photo by Dom Furore

As if the game isn't difficult enough, many golfers are doomed to make a bad swing before they ever take the club back. Why? Poor posture. As you are reading this, do a quick spot check of your own. Are your shoulders sunken in and rounded? Do you feel pressure in the upper portion of your back? Is your head leaning forward? Do your gluteal muscles feel relaxed? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your posture could use some improvement. In fairness, it's not your fault. Both gravity and lifestyle lead to poor posture. Desk jobs and long car rides are common enablers. No matter the cause, if you bring these postural issues to the golf course, your swing might suffer. In fact, David Leadbetter recently told me that he can tell what kind of golf swing a person has just by the way he or she stands or sits.

Symptoms of kyphosis, an exaggerated and unhealthy rounding of the back, can be seen when many golfers set up to the ball. They are so hunched over at address, that a loss of swing width, power, and balance occur. They might get the club back to the ball, but it won't be pretty. The good news is you can improve your posture and your golf swing by working on the core muscles. In the video below, I'll demonstrate two using a Bosu fitness ball that help counter kyphotic posture while strengthening key rotators in the golf swing, the obliques (sides of your trunk) and rectus abdominus muscles. Add these to your workout and remember to stand tall, sit up straight, pinch the shoulder blades, activate the gluteal muscles, and keep your chin tucked as often as you can.