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Two Courses For the Bankruptcy Files

September 11, 2009

Two new additions to the golf course bankruptcy files:

In Bluffton, S.C., Old Carolina GC, a nine-hole course that used to be an 18-hole layout until nine holes and the driving range were rezoned four years ago so developers could turn them into houses, will be sold at a foreclosure auction Oct. 5. Its owner defaulted on a $1.3 million loan in May. Details here.

And in Palm Desert, Calif., the Palm Desert CC closed Monday, a result of its owners filing for bankruptcy in June. According to this story in Friday's edition of The Desert Sun, city officials say they are monitoring the course to make sure the owners continue to do basic maintenance on the course while it is out of operation so that it does not become a "public health or safety hazard."

Sounds as though it already is. Robert Okren, a Palm Desert resident who lives near the course and complained to city officials, told the newspaper, "All the water [hazards] on the course are stagnant. It stinks."