Gear & EquipmentApril 12, 2012

'Twice as Good': Bill Powell's story comes to a children's book

William (Bill) Powell's story is an inspiring one, to be sure: The grandson of slaves who was raised in Minerva, Ohio, and found it difficult to pursue his love of golf because of discrimination. It prompted him to build his own golf course, Clearview Golf Club, which opened in 1948 in East Canton, Ohio, the only course designed, built, owned and operated by an African-American.

Now his story is told in a children's book, "Twice as Good," written by an award-winning children's book author Richard Michelson and illustrated by Eric Velasquez. The title is derived from a lesson taught him in childhood, that "if you are going to get ahead in this world, you can't be as good as the white children, you have to be twice as good."

The video above explains how the book came about and opens with a quote from President Obama: "Overcoming adversity, Bill has written his own chapter in our nation's history...and set an important example for succeeding generations." Clearview Golf Club has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The book can be ordered here at the Clearview Golf Club's website, proceeds to benefit the Clearview Legacy Foundation, which was established in 2001 to "preserve the course for future generations, to develop improved facilities for teaching the game of golf, and to expand turfgrass research."

Autographed copies of the book can be ordered here at Michelson's website.

The cost is $20, which includes shipping and handling.

Donations to the Clearview Legacy Foundation, meanwhile, can be made via mail to: Clearview Legacy Foundation, P.O. Box 30196, East Canton, Oh 44730.

-- John Strege

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