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Tuesday Tweets From Torrey

March 16, 2010

Yesterday I tweeted throughout my round at Torrey Pines South in San Diego. I look at social networking like cooking pasta in college -- I throw it on the wall to see if it sticks.

When I'm reporting an Away Game, like I am this week in San Diego, and especially when I'm playing a recognizable venue, I tweet about the playing conditions, various costs and the beverage cart girl. Some of the information is edible, and some just falls into the digital garbage can.

Here are a few tweets from Tuesday (it's in sequential order if you read from the bottom):


How long have you worked at Torrey Pines? Four years.

Do you play golf? I played in high school, but I haven't kept up with it. I still play on occasion, but it's not good.

Do you get proposed to on the course by complete strangers? Only after birdies or a lot of beer.

Do you drive up on any celebrities out here? Phil Mickelson is out here a lot.

What kind of tipper is he? He's an excellent tipper.

What's the most you've made in one day of tips? $400.


The conditions I had today, on the third tee for example (pictured above), it was a much different deal. Without a fog or any wind, Torrey was there for the taking.

As for the old sophomoric pasta art: Sometimes my roommates and I would leave the sticky strands of spaghetti on the wall, let it dry, and then crack it off days later with a dull knife. One batch left the outline of a cowboy hat. And at the end of the school year, according to the owner of the condo, it was worth exactly the price of our deposit.

At Torrey on Tuesday locals paid $58, I paid $131. Both prices were discounted 25 percent because the 11th hole was closed for some minor repairs. Regardless, the round was worth it. It was 78 degrees and I shot a 75 (I gave myself a par on the closed hole). Then I went on a four-hour private tour of breweries throughout the county by way of a company called Brew Hop (www.brewhop.com).

Golf and an obscene supply of beer, it was like I was back in college. But I've evolved. Now the only subjective line art was my scorecard.

You'll be able to read more about my trip to San Diego, brewery tours, my rounds at four courses, my stay at Grand Del Mar and a visit to The Kingdom at TaylorMade in an upcoming issue of Golf Digest.

If you care to follow me on Twitter, click here. Today I'm playing Maderas and Coronado.

--Matty G.