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Try Rory McIlroy’s Zero-Tech Training Aid

March 09, 2017

This image of Rory McIlroy is from the range at the WGC-Mexico Championship. You’ll notice he’s got a glove tucked under his left armpit. This is a classic drill that you may have seen on the range before. You can use anything, really: glove, headcover, towel. We talked to Jason Guss, one of our Best Young Teachers out of Hawk Hollow in Bath, Mich. According to Gus, this drill has multiple purposes.

“It helps keep the left arm connected to the chest on the backswing,” says Guss. “This also helps the chest rotate. If the chest stops and the left arm separates, the glove will fall out.”

If you have trouble getting your arms and your body to turn together, or if you just want more of that connected, synchronized feeling in your swing, this drill could definitely help you out. We're not saying you're going to be winning majors like Rory, but you'll hit the ball more solidly.