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Trending: Lions and Bieber on the golf course

March 01, 2012

They say that March comes in like a lion. And while I'm not quite certain who "they" are, those of us residing in the Northeast can attest to the temperature-tantrums nature can wreak in early spring. On the horizon are the dew-lined greener pastures of the golf course, but a quick glance out the window has you reaching for your flat-stick to once-again practice your wall-to-wall carpet putts. So what do lions and golf have to do with one another? Why, Justin Bieber of course.

Aside from unpredictable weather forecasting, March 1 is National Bieber Day. At least in the eyes of tweens who reside on Twitter. Though clearly not a real holiday, like National Pancake Day before it, the social-media savvy have declared it so, and thus we must pay attention as long as it stays in our trending feed. Which is a good thing, because there are far more examples of Justin Bieber on the golf course than there are of lions (lambs, however, are another matter). Turns out Bieber might just be a Justin Timberlake-in-training; he already has the pipes, now he just has to work on his swing.

And just for good measure, the only video example of a lion on a golf course I could find was this Phoenix Fox News report about a family of Mountain Lions who wandered onto the Desert Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale, Arizona. A seemingly regular occurrence that is rarely caught on camera.

-- Derek Evers