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Training aid: 'Hear the sequence of your swing'

April 19, 2011

From the school of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid): The Power Wedge, a simple, inexpensive device designed to prevent swaying, while promoting the proper weight transfer.

Simply plant your back foot on it. If you swing properly, with your weight transferring from back to front, you'll hear a click as your club goes through the impact area. If not, you won't. "Hear the sequence of your swing," the company says. "The power wedge synchronizes your legs, hips and arms, preventing swaying back, which leads to an off-balance ball strike."


The Power Wedge was developed by SKLZ, a company that specializes in athletic training equipment in a variety of sports. The best part of the Power Wedge: It's only $15.

-- John Strege