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Trae Young literally pulled up from the parking lot and hit shots multiple times on Thursday night

Anyone who has followed Trae Young since his Oklahoma days knows he'll pull up from literally anywhere at any time. As long as the ball is in his hands, he's in range. The problem is, when his shot is off, those bricks from deep seem really silly.

But when he's on? My goodness, is it incredible to watch. Yes, Steph Curry is the best shooter in the NBA until further notice, and his runs are exhilarating, but when Young gets hot it just feels different. Case in point: Young's 38-point night against the Detroit Pistons on Thursday.

What made this performance special was that Young literally pulled up from the parking lot multiple times, and actually hit the shots. Pure insanity:

Here's his 23rd and 26th points of the night, which were kinda lame, standard threes:

Yawn. This next one unfortunately didn't count, as Young chucked it up after the whistle. It's basically a halfcourt shot in which he uses his normal shooting motion:

Later in the third, another from the logo. This one counted:

Here are his full highlights, in case you are interested in such things:

Unbelievable. Young is the type of guy that makes you consider buying NBA League Pass. His cold streaks are going to be ugly and frustrating, but when he's hot there may not be a more fun player to watch. By the way, Hawks-Warriors December 2. Going to be a must-see chuck-off between he and Curry. Get it on the calendar now.