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Tour pro's wedge stamps creatively call for Tennessee head coach Butch Jones' job

September 27, 2017

College football fans in the south can be a volatile bunch. Win them a few national championships and they'll have the statue built within days. Start the season 1-2 and they'll have you fired within hours.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than the SEC, where Les Miles - a coach who won a national championship, two SEC title games and compiled an overall record of 114-34 at LSU - was fired after beginning the 2016 season with a record of 2-2.

Butch Jones, head coach at the University of Tennessee, knows this better than anyone in the country. He's four games into his fifth season in Knoxville, where he's gone a respectable 33-22 overall and won three bowl games. But "respectable" and victories in the Music City and Taxslayer Bowls don't cut it in the SEC, where Jones' job is called for on a weekly basis.

It certainly doesn't cut it for PGA Tour pro Rick Lamb, a Tennessee alum and huge fan of the Volunteer football team. The 2016 LECOM Health Challenge winner voiced his opinion on Twitter this past Monday after the Volunteers squeaker of a victory at home over 0-4 UMass:

A day later, Lamb wasn't finished hanging Jones out to dry:

This is some dedication to the #FireButchJones game. Lamb is hardly alone, especially after the near-upset by UMass, who came into Neyland Stadium as a 28-point underdog. Couple that with the loss to Florida on a hail mary a week prior and it's easy to see why Volunteer fans have reached their breaking point. Much to their chagrin, Jones is still employed heading into this week's tilt in Knoxville against the No. 7 ranked Georgia Bulldogs, one of the hottest teams in the country after a 4-0 start. Something tells us Lamb's wedge stamp request might be granted by Sunday morning.