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Tour player rips new Rules of Golf: "I feel like most of them missed the mark"

December 20, 2018
THE PLAYERS Championship - Round Two

Jamie Squire

The latest iteration of the Rules of Golf will be implemented on January 1. While the revisions have been generally welcomed, golf's guidelines remain a work in progress. A point PGA Tour player Mackenzie Hughes seconded on social media Wednesday afternoon.

On Twitter the 28-year-old said, while he agreed with a few changes, "I feel like most of them missed the mark."

Hughes went on to explain some of his grievances, including the stipulations regarding the replacement of a damaged club, the new requirements for drop height, and that players still are not rewarded a free drop of a fairway divot.

"I think they were trying to simplify the game but after watching them explain the new rules I don’t think they accomplished that," Hughes said.

Fellow pro Graham DeLaet also chimed in:

A point which Hughes agreed. "They had a chance to make that clear and they didn’t. Could have just said it can’t be over a certain length and can’t touch any part of your body."

For those not as informed as Hughes, click here for your guide to the new Rules of Golf for 2019.