Tour Edge uses material change in new Exotics XJ1 fairway woods for better trajectory and speed

November 15, 2016

Early attempts of the titanium fairway wood weren't the most successful at retail or in the technological landscape. But Tour Edge hopes its new XJ1 fairway woods change that perception through the use of new materials that boost trajectory and speed.

Like its predecessor, the XJ1 driver, the XJ1 fairway wood mixes a lightweight titanium alloy in the body with a beta titanium SP700 face insert. Because the titanium 9-1-1 used in the body is 10 percent lighter than a more traditional titanium, this material change freed up weight that could be redistributed low.

The sole is made of 124 grams of tungsten, or two-thirds of the entire mass of the clubhead. An additional 12-gram tungsten screw is positioned toward the heel of the sole to help average golfers square the face at impact. The extra speed comes from the variable thickness SP700 face insert, which is designed to improve both on-center and off-center ball speeds.

The company is using a 45-gram Fujikura Air Speeder shaft designed to allow average golfers produce more swing speed with the same level of effort. That led to an overall club weight of less than 300 grams.

The XJ1 fairway woods are offered in lofts of 15, 17, 19 and 21 degrees ($450).