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Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 metalwoods push tech barriers as much as they push price barrier

June 25, 2019

The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 metalwoods, specifically the new driver, pursue a technological stretch few companies are willing to make. It’s not an extremely high moment of inertia for stability and better ball speed on off-center hits. But yes, it does that. It’s not a unique weight-saving shape and extended cup face. But yes, it does that. It’s not even a commitment to expanded offerings and custom fitting. But yes it does that, too.

No, the Hot Launch 4 (HL4) driver is offering all that in a new driver at a price that the rest of the industry isn’t pursuing: $200.

“We have spent the last 18 months looking at how to improve the best performance value drivers in the game, and the end result is an all new shape that has an MOI that rivals that of a $500 driver,” said Tour Edge founder and designer Dave Glod. “It’s an extremely forgiving design that all levels of players can benefit from.”

Glod said the driver will have an MOI measurement above 5,000 grams centimeter square, which is among the highest on the market. It gets there through a unique shape where the sloping crown and sole flow together without forming a rear skirt. That shape helps produce an MOI measurement that Glod says is 12 percent higher than the HL3 driver. Also boosting that deeper center of gravity is a weight in the sole that is closer to the rear perimeter than past models.

Not only is the head built to be more stable, but the design aims to improve face flexing with a deeper cup face that extends further into the crown and sole, as well as a wider channel in the sole to further contribute to increasing ball speed.

The HL4 line, which also will include future irons and hybrids, features both a standard straight-neck (9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees) and offset hosel (10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees) in six distinct lofts. Just as impressive is Tour Edge’s commitment to custom fitting these new drivers. The company will offer a guaranteed 48-hour delivery window on all special orders.

“We see HL4 as being the best value available in the custom fitting market,” Glod said. “We want to open up custom fitting to thousands of new golfers who are looking for innovation and performance at logical prices.”


The HL4 metals line includes standard and offset fairway woods, too. The streamlined new shapes here improve aerodynamics, which also helps lower the center of gravity. The ultra-thin crown and sole weight aim to increase off-center hit stability, too. The channel in the sole is designed to contribute to increased ball speed and is wider than in past versions.

The HL4 fairway woods are offered in 15-, 17-, 19- and 22-degree lofts in the standard straight hosel version, while the offset HL4 will be available in 15.5-, 19.5-, 22.5-, 24.5- and 26.5-degree lofts. Just like the driver, they’ll be offered at a bargain price ($140).

The full Hot Launch 4 line will be in stores Aug. 1.