Toulon Golf New Releases for 2024

February 09, 2024

Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new products from Toulon Golf? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases so far this year.


Toulon Small Batch Latrobe. The latest in the company's "small batch" lineup pays homage to the iconic Wilson 8802 heel-shafted blade that Arnold Palmer made famous in his heyday. Named after Palmer's western Pennsylvania hometown and the country club where his father Deacon was course superintendent for half a century, the original design was based on a Tommy Armour Ironmaster putter that Palmer had tinkered with and ultimately was the style used in several of his major championship wins. For this Toulon Small Batch version, the head is again milled from 904L stainless steel like the previously released Santa Monica model (top), a steel used in the production of high-end watches and requiring special machinery and processes. The 904L alloy features a higher content of nickel (more than twice the percentage content of nickel than in 303 stainless, for example) and copper than typical stainless steel. The milling process is particularly challenging for the longer hosel found on this heel-shafted head of the Latrobe and features a double fly-cut milling on the face for a crisp sound. The sole plate is milled from tungsten, more than twice the density of the steel it replaces to yield the modern 355-gram head weight with a more effective lower center of gravity. The 70-degree toe hang favors those with a more pronounced arcing stroke. Available in limited quantity, $1,800.