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Tony Robbins feeds fish by hitting these special golf balls into the ocean

According to Forbes, Tony Robbins has an estimated net worth of nearly $500 million. He's built this fortune in various ways, most notably as a motivational speaker, life coach and author. There's no knowing how many lives he's changed and people he's influenced, whether it be through one of his books or at a public speaking engagement.

Because of this, Robbins can afford a beachfront mansion in Fiji, of all places. It cost nearly $13 million and looks more like a resort than someone's home. Business Insider went to check it out, and aside from the fact that it looks like the most relaxing place on earth, there was one cool spot in the house where Robbins revealed he hits golf balls into the ocean. This is something that would normally make environmentalists cringe, grab their pitchforks, start a hashtag campaign in an effort to end his career, call for his public castration, etc. etc. But these aren't just any golf balls, they're biodegradable EcoBioBalls that contain fish food:

Barcelona-based Albus Golf created the balls in 2010 for those looking to "play golf close to marine environments." The balls are perfect for all the beach-going golfers that have dreamt of whacking a few into the ocean / have done it illegally while no one was looking. EcoBioBalls remove all that guilt, and feed a bunch of fish at the same time. No surprise that Tony Robbins still finds a way to impact lives in a positive way during his free time, even if its's marine life rather than human life.