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Famous golfer takes Tommy Fleetwood's son to school, and it's not Tommy Fleetwood

Frankie Fleetwood, the five-year-old son of Tommy Fleetwood, remains one of the great content machines in golf.

First, he went viral just for being his adorable self at the Masters Par 3 Contest in 2022:

Then, Frankie captured Golf Twitter's attention again when he commentated one of his dad's drives, which Tommy posted to his Twitter account in January. Frankie was so good that a few analysts felt threatened that he was coming for their jobs. Luckily for them, he's only five:

By the sound of it, the young lad is already turning into a bit of a comedian, which was further confirmed on Monday when his dad tweeted out that Frankie asked for a famous golfer to take him to school. Apparently, Frankie's own dad wasn't famous enough, but this former U.S. Open champ and gold medal winner at the Olympics certainly was:

Brilliant stuff. Tommy is going to have to step his game up if he wants to be the most recognizable golfer to take his own son to school now. A major victory at Royal Liverpool later this month just might to the trick. By then, Frankie will be out of school, though. Thems the breaks.