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Tommy Fleetwood making a 'hole-in-one' out of a cargo plane is the wildest golf video of 2024

February 14, 2024

Tommy Fleetwood is still in search of that elusive maiden victory on the PGA Tour, but in the meantime he can say he has accomplished something much more rare. Making a "hole-in-one" out of a cargo plane.

OK, so we have hole-in-one in quotes because he didn't actually make an ace from 30,000 feet in the air, but this video from the DP World Tour is still pretty darn cool. Have a look as Fleetwood appears to hit a golf ball out of a plane and someone in a parachute follows it all the way to the ground and into the cup of a hole at Dubai Creek Club:

Crazy, right? Again, clearly Tommy didn't knock one in the hole from a moving plane—he's good, but no one's that good—but it's still awesome.

Seriously, that's some voodoo magic going on to make that happen. Is it too late to nominate this for a best editing Oscar?