Good Guys

Tommy Fleetwood's caddie Ian Finnis adds to Tony Finau's 'good guy' legend with great story

Seemingly every player on the PGA Tour is a "great guy." For Tony Finau, though, that's actually 100-million-percent true.

Jon Rahm confirmed as much on Tuesday, saying that "if you don't like Tony Finau, there's something wrong with you." This was right after Finau had just ripped his heart out on the back nine at Liberty National on Monday. For a fiery competitor like Rahm to say that not long after a crushing defeat, he must have really meant it.

Of course, 99.9-percent of golf fans already knew Finau was a great guy based off his overall vibe and the endless number of stories fellow players and caddies tell of Finau's good-guyness. Ian Finnis, caddie for Tommy Fleetwood, added to Finau's good-guy legend early on Wednesday morning, tweeting out a story about a time Finau drove him back to his hotel during the 2017 RBC Canadian Open.

"I was stuck at the course and the hotel was 40 minutes away," Finnis wrote. "Asked [Finau] for a ride back, 'no problem, jump in' he says. 'You hungry?' he asks. (I am always hungry). We head to the restaurant and on the way he says he's meeting people from the McKenzie Tour which he started on (I have been on the course all day no shower). He introduces me to everyone, we sit, menu was a set meal but Tony senses the hunger an orders some of everything for the both of us. We sit and chat, it was a nice meal and then he drives us back to the hotel, no problem.

"Just to note there would be VERY FEW players on the PGA Tour who would do that. When people say he's a good guy, he's one of the best! Could not hold him in higher regard."

Good-guy endorsements don't get much stronger than that. The best part is, there are likely hundreds more stories of this ilk about Finau, yet we only hear about the few because for Finau, this is just very normal, everyday life stuff.