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September 23, 2014

Tom Stickney II: Turn Over!


It just ain't fair. The bigger the trouble down the right side, the better the chances the poor slicer's going deadsville into the junk. Why is that? Bad luck? No. A mental block? Hell no. Irony? (I don't really know what that means.)

It's simple. When you try to guide the ball straight, which feels correct to said slicer, it guarantees a miss to the right. Reason is, that guiding action tenses up the arms, which prevents the clubface from squaring. So what feels square is actually open, and the ball goes right to right. (I think that might be irony.)

Anyway, the way to not hit it right is to relax your arms. Shake out that tension. You have to feel like the club releases past you, so the clubhead swings out to the right while the face is turning to the left. Do that, and you might... wait for it... hit a draw.


Tom Stickney II teaches at Bighorn Golf Club in Palm Desert, Calif., and The Promontory Club in Park City, Utah.