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Today in ridiculous Guinness World Records: Watch 2,500 books get toppled in domino fashion

December 01, 2017

The beauty of the Guinness World Records is that they turn random activities by random people into marks that are celebrated. At least, by the random people who perform and document said random activities. Take toppling books in domino fashion, for instance. It's not exactly an Olympic sport, but thanks to the Guinness World Records, it's now something that people try to perfect. And one Australian tech company has come pretty close to doing that.

Aconex Limited surprised its employees at a recent conference by attempting to topple the toppling record as a team-bonding exercise. And the company was successful in two ways. It broke the record by toppling 2,500 books in an hour and it actually managed to keep attending the conference from being a total drag. Check out the following video, which is oddly mesmerizing:

It should be noted that this was Aconex's second attempt to break the record. The first would have been successful, but 140 books were discounted because they "didn't topple properly." Yeah, the people at GWR take this stuff pretty seriously. They're not just handing out world records willy-nilly.

But there's a Guinness World Record for everyone, if you search hard enough. Dream big, people.