Golf FashionJanuary 29, 2016

Today in questionable golf attire: wedge sandals

We've dealt with golfers playing in flip-flops and we've dealt with Rickie Fowler's high-tops, but what about a combo of the two? Introducing collegiate golfer Jordan Wolf, who recently posted this video to Instagram:

Technically -- and we had to look this up -- Jordan, who plays for Jacksonville University, is wearing "wedge sandals." And this is a tough call. Normally, we'd be quick to say these don't belong on the golf course, but we're going to allow them for a couple reasons.

  1. Wedge sandals are already prevalent on golf courses around the country. Have you seen some of the female fans looking to draw the attention of tour pros?

  2. Did you see the shot Jordan pulled off? Who are we to tell her what to wear when she can hit a golf ball like that (although hitting irons might prove tougher). And we've seen her show off her swing wearing unorthodox footwear choices before:

Besides, it's not like she's wearing stilettos. As long as Jordan isn't slowing down her round (we suggest taking a cart to help speed things up), we're cool with these.

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