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Today in great Halloween costumes: Get ready to see kids dressed as Andrew "Beef" Johnston

October 13, 2016

Dressing up as Presidential debate star Ken Bone figures to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. But there's an equally lovable golf figure you can go as instead. And you won't even have to plunk down the money for that sweet red sweater.

All you need to be Andrew "Beef" Johnston this Halloween are some golf clothes and a Titleist hat -- things you probably have -- and a bushy beard -- something you can either grow for real or buy. Like Tate, this cute four-year-old, who is already raring to go trick-or-treating as the affable Brit:

See how easy that is?! Just be careful about eating candy with that thing on. Even Beef lives in constant fear of getting food stuck in his beard.

It turns out, Tate is a huge fan of Beef. Check out his recent birthday cake:

And Beef is a big fan of Tate's costume:

Nice job, little man. Now you just need to sew an Arby's logo onto your shirt to go the extra mile. Don't worry, you've still got a couple weeks.