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Titleist/Scotty Cameron Futura X now counterbalanced

December 05, 2013

Scotty Cameron long has based his designs on what he's learned in his famed putting studio. Now, he may have hit upon a reason why heavier, longer putters not anchored to the body (like the counterbalanced models that have been increasingly popular in 2013) might be a better way to putt.

"We've found, through our last 20 years of high speed video research with tour players, that the best putters in the world point the butt of their putter at their midsection throughout the putting stroke," said Cameron, Titleist's Master Craftsman. "From address, to the backstroke, at impact and through the forward stroke--the butt of the putter remains pointed to about the same 1- or 2-inch circle in their belly area."

That understanding has fueled the latest update to Cameron's Futura X, the extreme heel and toe weighted, high moment of inertia putter that was used by two different players to win majors this year. (Adam Scott used a prototype version of the Futura X head to win the Masters, while Jason Dufner switched to the putter in the spring and won the PGA Championship.) The new Futura X Dual Balance features an extra 50 grams of weight in the head (bumping it up to 400 grams) and an extra 50 grams in the grip. The standard length for Futura X Dual Balance is 38 inches and the Cameron Winn Flat Front grip features a colored orange section at 35 inches for proper hand placement, allowing the extra weight to be above the hands.

"The higher we can get the butt weight, the more counterbalance effect there is," Cameron said. "The additional three inches provides stability but keeps the putter unanchored."

The Futura X Dual Balance ($400) is available now.