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Titleist Vokey continues pursuit of perfection with a CG push in the SM8 wedges

January 21, 2020

Titleist Vokey wedges take another move forward with its latest lineup by ... well, moving forward.

Debuted in its SM6 line in 2016, Vokey's Progressive Center of Gravity concept featured a design that renovated the series, with lower-lofted wedges constructed to blend more easily into the set from the pitching wedge as the CG was lowered on the lower lofts and got progressively higher as lofts went along. A process made to help control spin and trajectory, it was refined in the SM7 model thanks to sharper cut grooves matching the specific lofts with new CG locations.

Vokey's 2020 iteration, however, takes that pursuit a step further, shifting the CG forward in the SM8 to a position that hovers in front of the wedge face.

This is achieved by lengthening the hosel and adding tungsten to the toe, which minimizes dynamic loft at impact for a consistent, firm feel. The vertical CG is maintained, with the new approach increasing the club's MOI up to seven percent in higher lofts. This "push" produces a club adamant on getting square at impact thanks to its stability.

Vokey credits Kevin Tassistro, director of wedge R&D, and his work with Titleist's Tour staff for this achievement.

"Overall, guys just kept telling me how easy it was to hit every type of shot they wanted to hit," Vokey said. "They just felt like they were getting more of out of the wedge—and that’s because Kevin and his team were able to push that CG forward out in front of the face, to a place we never would have imagined 20 years ago.”

Vokey's spin milled grooves return, maximizing spin and control, with microgrooves individually cut in between to get the most spin on partial shots. Thanks to six grinds, there are 23 options—available in four finishes: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black, plus the tour-preferred "Raw"—to cater to a golfer's specific needs and wants.

The SM8 wedges are available for pre-order on Feb. 11 and hit stores on March 6, with a listed market price of $159.