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Titleist New Releases for 2024

Updates on the latest Titleist product introductions for 2024


Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new products from Titleist? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases across all club and ball catetgories.


New Pro V1, Pro V1x, —Pro V1x Enhanced Alignment: Building on a survey of Titleist players that shows widespread use of alignment features, the company is introducing a new sidestamp on its three main elite player balls, Pro V1, Pro V1x and —Pro V1x ("Left Dash"). The stamp features double lines framing the words "Pro V1," "Pro V1x" or "—Pro V1x" with the lines extending 65 percent longer than the standard sidestamp. According to the company, 64 percent of golfers on the PGA Tour, LPGA, DP World Tour and Korn Ferry Tour and 73 percent of college players said they regularly use an alignment line on the ball. $55 per dozen.

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Titleist Vokey SM10 wedges: Titleist’s wedge team, led by master craftsman Bob Vokey, believes there are three keys to great wedge play: shot versatility, distance and trajectory control, and maximum spin. All three have been addressed in Vokey’s latest creation, the SM10. Wedges will cost $189 per club and hit stores on March 8.


Scottie Warman

Titleist Vokey Design SM10 WedgeWorks Low Bounce K: Born out of collaboration with professionals, the Low Bounce K Grind combines the SM10 technology with six degrees of bounce. That gives players the ability to hit a variety of open-faced shots from tight lies while still offering forgiveness out of bunkers. It's designed for players with a shallow angle of attack who frequent firm and fast conditions. This model is available in 58 and 60 degrees with a raw finish on and golf shops everywhere for $225.


Scottie Warman

Titleist Vokey Design SM10 WedgeWorks Low-Bounce L Grind: Titleist’s Vokey SM10 WedgeWorks line grows with the addition of the low-bounce (4 degrees) L Grind in 58- and 60-degree lofts. The grind is designed with heel, toe, and trailing edge relief. Its leading edge sits close to the ground and works well on tight or firm lies, in a square or open position. Compared to other low bounce options in the Vokey lineup, the L Grind offers slightly more protection from excessive digging.

“The L Grind is for the player looking for the versatility of a low bounce wedge,” said Aaron Dill, Vokey Tour Representative. “It's really the perfect balance of ‘I want versatility, but I also want a little forgiveness to go with it.’ The forward bounce on the L helps reduce dig, but players are still able to open it up and slide under the ball easily. It's a great option for players looking for a little bit less bounce.”

The wedges have all the tech of the SM10 line, including the patented spin milled process for cutting grooves. Among the customization options are eight toe engravings, stamping options and custom paintfill.

The new L Grind wedges are available immediately in golf shops and at for $225 each.

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom putters: The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom line of putters for 2024 features 10 fresh takes on several familiar-shaped modern mallets milled from 303 stainless steel with lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum flange and sole-plate components. There’s a renewed emphasis on alignment, both overtly in the markings and more subtly in the shapes and angles. The line also features the dual milling on the face for consistency of sound and roll. All models retail at $450, with the 5, 5.5, 5s, 7, 7.5, 9 and 9.5 available March 29. The 11, 11.5 and 11 Long Design will be available May 17.


Titleist AVX golf balls: The new Titleist AVX, a three-piece multilayer urethane cover ball, continues to meet the specific demands of players looking for a softer-feeling, lower-flying and lower-spinning counterpart compared to the company’s flagship Pro V1. The latest upgrade to AVX aims to provide both a little more distance on mid-irons and a little more greenside spin than past AVX versions. The key changes involve more velocity from a high-gradient core combined with more short game spin from a thicker, softer cover. The AXV retails for $50 per dozen and is available in white and high-optic yellow.


Titleist Tour Soft, TruFeel golf balls: Although known for it’s tour-level Pro V1/V1x line, Titleist knows there are players seeking golf balls that perform more than good enough without costing you the equivalent of a filet mignon dinner per dozen. That’s where the Tour Soft and TruFeel models come in. The Tour Soft provides golfers with more distance off the tee and increased spin into the green. All while providing a soft feel off the face. The TruFeel has a revamped core, cover and aerodynamics package to deliver more yards with the ability to play a variety of greenside shots. The Tour Soft balls are offered in white, yellow and green and will be available in pink in July 2024, all at $40 per dozen. The TruFeel balls are available in white and yellow, with Matte Red coming on May 15, all at $25 per dozen.