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Tips for Tiger

November 08, 2009

Scotland on Sunday columnist (and Golf World contributor) John Huggan has suggested nine things Tiger Woods might do in 2010, "all of them aimed at making golf a better game and him a better, or at least more approachable, person."

I'm partial to Nos. 1 and 2. No. 1 is to play somewhere for nothing, to play a tournament that needs a boost or take an appearance fee and return it to the local golfing body to use as it sees fit. No. 2 is to quit spitting and swearing on the course.

Woods, of course, is unlikely to take advice from anyone, least of all a golf writer. At any rate, the chances Woods would do any of the nine are close to nil. One of Huggan's nine seems possible (No. 7: win at least two majors in 2010).

-- John Strege