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Make your swing tour-pro smooth with this quick tip

March 04, 2021

Tension creates tight, slow muscles, which can be a drag for your swing. Here’s a fresh and dynamic drill from Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jonathan Buchanan. It’s designed to smooth out the rough bumps in your takeaway and your transition from the top and create a more efficient, flowing motion.

Start by taking your normal stance and hovering the clubhead above the ball. Next, move the clubhead out in front of the ball—toward the target—and slightly to the inside, on its natural arc. From there, start your backswing, feeling a weight shift into your trail side. Feel as if you’re slinging the clubhead back, and let it propel your arms and shoulders around until your back faces the target. This will allow you to flow smoothly into your downswing and deliver the club from the inside with power.

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