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Tiger's trip to Turkey: The photo shoot edition

November 05, 2013

The only things crossing Istanbul's Bosphorous Bridge from 2pm-3pm (local time) were golf balls.

About to hit into Europe !!

-- chubby chandler (@chubby6665) November 5, 2013

The Turkish Airlines Open at Montgomerie Maxx Royal Course in Antalya, Turkey starts on Thursday. This is the first time Turkey has hosted a European Tour event, and The Turkish Golf Federation decided Tiger needed to be a part of the 78-man field.

Tiger reportedly received a hefty $3 million in appearances fee to participate in the event - nearly half of the total purse for the event. Part of the agreement was the photo shoot shown above, where traffic was stopped so Tiger could hit balls across the bridge that connects Europe to Asia.

We're pretty sure we know where they got the inspiration from...