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The Mount Rushmore of 'Tigerisms'

November 29, 2023

Tracy Wilcox

Earlier this week, in a video captured at a recent Bridgestone shoot, Tiger Woods introduced his latest and greatest "Tigerism" into the lexicon. The "up shoot spin cut." Nobody knows what it means, but it's provocative.

That called to mind some of Tiger's most hilarious/preposterous sayings from over the years. As did his Tuesday press conference at the Hero World Challenge, which was yet another masterclass in Tiger Talk. He spoke of the "hardware" in his foot after his latest surgery, and he mentioned the "forces" in the golf swing having to go somewhere. His lingo never ceases to amaze.

On the latest episode of The Loop podcast, we debated what's on the Mount Rushmore of "Tigerisms" with Barstool Sports' Dan Rapaport, the former Tiger Tracker here at Golf Digest. Plus, we discussed Woods' 2024 outlook, the latest ball rollback news, and much more. Please, have a listen below, and like and subscribe to The Loop wherever you get your podcasts.