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Tiger Woods' restaurant issued violations for not keeping uncooked seafood cold enough

July 21, 2016

Tiger Woods is a golfer — well, was a golfer. He is not a restaurant manager, just a restaurant owner, so we can’t really blame this on him.

Still, Woods’ restaurant, the Woods Jupiter, in South Florida, recently received three high-priority violations, South Florida’s resident star gossip Jose Lambiet reported. As if Tiger didn’t have enough with which to concern himself.


“Those included the storing of uncooked seafood in temperatures more than 20 degrees higher than the state-mandated 41 degrees,” Lambiet wrote in the Miami Herald (third item). “Raw scallops were being stored at 63 degrees and lobster tails were being stored at 62 degrees, according to the paperwork. And raw chicken was at a balmy 53 degrees. Great for breeding bacteria, not so good for the eating public.”

That was on June 9. The issue was rectified. Then on June 29, the restaurant received two more high-priority violations issued by Florida's Division of Hotels and Restaurants among nine total violations, though it is unknown what these entailed.

The violations, incidentally, weren’t phoned in by a viewer at home.