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Tiger Woods' equipment obsession on display at his at-home workshop

Speaking with Tiger Woods about golf equipment is like talking to Peyton Manning about playing quarterback. It’s part education, part amazement at the depth of knowledge. When it comes to equipment, Woods possesses a passion bordering on that of an R&D expert.

A look at Woods’ workshop reveals a man in tune with the tools of his trade. This is not a new obsession for Woods, who throughout his career has had a keen sense of precision that allows him to tell the face thickness of a driver by brushing it against blades of grass, make decisions on golf balls based partly on the trajectory of chip shots and detect air bubbles in grips no one else notices.

In the latest episode of At Home With Tiger Woods, Henni Koyack gets a first-hand look at the vast number of clubs Woods has worked on and gets Tiger to dish on his favorite piece of equipment in the workshop.