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Tiger Woods plays poker, DJ & Paulina dance on a boat, and Gary Player embarrasses me

May 03, 2016

Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we’ve never had such a conflicting week when it comes to assessing our athletic prowess. On one hand, I shot my best round of golf in two years. On the other, I lost a pushup contest to an 80-year-old. OK, so Gary Player isn’t your average 80-year-old, but still, it’s humbling to be physically dominated by someone nearly five DECADES older.

Stina was exaggerating about the number of pushups (just a bit), but I pledge to work on my upper body strength and to eat less going forward, Mr. Player. In the meantime, here’s what else we’re chewing on.


Brian Stuard: In his 220th start on either the PGA Tour or Tour, Stuard earned his first victory. Some more amazing numbers? The 33-year-old entered the week 202nd in driving distance for the season and just 184th in the FedEx Cup standings. In a week that saw Leicester City dominate sports headlines for its remarkable Premier League championship, it was just as nice for golf fans to see a guy who can’t hit it much farther than your average mid-handicapper win on the world’s premier golf tour.


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