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Tiger Woods’ memorable shot to win Canadian Open at Glen Abbey warrants another look

July 19, 2016

A day that Tiger Woods announced he would not play this year, in a week in which the RBC Canadian Open is likely to be played at Glen Abbey GC for the last time, warrants one more look at the greatness of Woods on display there.

It was his shot from a fairway bunker at the 18th hole at Glen Abbey, the 72nd hole of the 2000 Canadian Open, a 6-iron from 218 yards, all carry over water, that basically cinched the victory for him. It came to rest in the back fringe 18 feet from the hole.

The shot was vintage Tiger, but so was his condescending description of it.

“That one shot I hit at Canada was pretty good, but you know what? I keep telling everybody I didn’t hit the green,” he said. “I hit it over the green. So it wasn’t really that good.”

Yes, it was. See for yourself.