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Trending: Tiger's left-handed shots

February 24, 2012

In Tiger Woods' short-lived stay at the Accenture Match Play Championship he was forced to play left-handed, not once, but twice. Unfortunate as it may be, he does have a pretty smooth southpaw swing and it got us to thinking: How often has Tiger resorted to, and how successful has he been with, the left-handed swing?

According to YouTube, the answer is, not many. In fact, aside from the first two days at the Accenture, there are only two recorded versions of him swinging left-handed--one at the 2009 Player's Championship, and one for an EA Sports commercial. This could suggest--as many other indicators have proven--that his game is still in an erratic state. But for all the grief Tiger Woods has gotten over the past two years, what I miss most is seeing this kind of creativity and willingness to take risks that set him apart from the field.

In my opinion, the fact he's taking these risks--in a match play setting, no less--could be a sign he's getting his swagger back. Or at the very least, he's losing the fear of losing.

Now if he could only putt left-handed.


-- Derek Evers