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Tiger Woods launches swing app

March 23, 2011

Tiger Woods has introduced his latest product, an iPhone, iPod and iPad app called "Tiger Woods: My Swing," that allows for a side-by-side comparison of the swings of the user and Tiger.


The unanswered question is which swing Woods has used for the app, inasmuch as he's in the midst of yet another swing change, the third of his professional career. That said, it does offer some interesting features, among them the ability to overlay the line angles in Tiger's setup and swing with your own. It also includes instruction from Woods.

"Everything about this app is based on how I practice," Woods said on the Tiger Woods Foundation website. "I've rebuilt my swing a number of times over the years and use this technology to gauge my development and help with my swing transitions. I'm excited that through this app I can take this technology on the road with me and that golfers around the world can now do the same to improve their game."

The app is a joint venture of the Tiger Woods Foundation and Shotzoom. It sells for $9.99 through Apple's iTunes and will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation.

-- John Strege