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September 01, 2009

'Tiger Woods isn't rich enough to join'

Then again, why would Tiger Woods (or anyone else, for that matter) want to join?

Malcolm James is a wealthy real-estate speculator from Scotland, who says he is planning on building a private club there to which only billionaires can belong. Frank Urquhart in the Scotsman writes:

"Those who do make it as members, he insists, will get a lot a bang for their bucks. Secluded on an estate with 'Fort Knox' style security, the wealthiest people on the planet will have access to a luxury hotel where the top staff will be paid £250,000 a year to see to their every need, a choice of the finest restaurants, two 18-hole championship golf courses, a state-of-the-art health spa, a concert hall, a luxury shopping arcade selling 'priceless' goods and even a body-enhancement surgery.

"He also reveals that the private homes being planned for the estate will be 'upwards of £100m.'" Membership fees will be £2 million a year (more than $3.2 million).

"Tiger Woods isn't rich enough to join," James tells Urquhart, "but he can come as a guest because he is known. He will come as an unpaid guest and he will come and play some golf and he can enjoy golf on a completely different course to any golf course he has played on before."

Ditto what Derek Lawrenson said in the Daily Mail in response to James' grandiose vision: "Doesn't it make you glad you're not one of the super-rich?"

-- John Strege