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Tiger Woods going to TOWN on an In-N-Out burger is the most relatable he's ever been

February 14, 2024

It's one of the biggest food debates on social media: is In-N-Out burger overrated? Tiger Woods answered that question with an emphatic NO, and one large bite, on Wednesday at the Genesis Invitational Pro-Am.

The California-based burger chain has long had a cult-like following, to the point where many people—famous chef Anthony Bourdain among them—like to make it their very first stop after touching down at LAX. Fortunately for Woods, In-N-Out burger came to him at Riviera. 

And Woods wasted absolutely no time going to TOWN on a double-double. Minus the pickles:

As a fellow pickle-hater, I can't possibly respect this move more. Though I would have thrown out the burger entirely. Pickle juice ruins everything. 

This week marks Woods' 16th start at Riviera, only of the very few places on earth he hasn't actually won. If he somehow pulls it off this week, we'll know why - In-N-Out.