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Tiger Woods' first-tee introduction was a sight to behold. His tee-shot, not so much

February 21, 2019

Tiger Woods has won the WGC-Championship seven times in his career, but this is the 14-time major winner's debut appearance at Club de Golf Chapultepec in Naucalpan, Mexico. As we've seen throughout the past 16 months in his comeback campaign, the latest iteration of Tiger-mania evokes a special type of fervor, a passion especially expected at a town he's visiting for the first time.

So when Woods arrived to the opening hole on Thursday, he received the hero's welcome you'd imagine.

Including from the first-tee announcer:

Apparently said announcer had done his prep by watching the not-at-all classic Down to Earth:

Unfortunately for Woods, his tee shot did not live up to the introduction, sending his drive off the property and having to reload:

Results be damned. We'll always have Naucalpan.