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Tiger Woods describes how he used to sneak onto the golf course as a kid to play with his dad

December 31, 2015

Earlier this month, Tiger Woods gave perhaps the most candid interview of his career to longtime golf writer Lorne Rubenstein and Time Magazine. Of course, not all of the two-and-a-half hour talk made the final cut, but Rubenstein offered more outtakes from their chat in honor of Woods' 40th birthday on Wednesday, including a gem from Tiger about sneaking onto the Navy Golf Course as a kid to play with his dad.

"My mom’s dropping me off. I’d hop in the creek, this ditch, and walk on the south side of the ditch, because the clubhouse was up above, so no one could see me," Woods tells Rubenstein. "And my dad would get a golf cart, and I’d walk down past one, past two, and I’d lay under the bridge on three, and try and be in total disguise, so I could blend into the environment. I’d put rocks and stuff around me. I hid my golf bag underneath the rocks, totally trying to blend into the environment, and then my dad would say, ‘Hey, you there?’ Yup. Coming up."

We knew Woods was willing to go to great lengths to become a great golfer, but laying under a bridge and covering yourself in "rocks and stuff"? That's true dedication.