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Tiger Woods rewatched some of his craziest shots—and his commentary was priceless

February 01, 2021

Photo: Getty Images • Compilation: Michael Sneeden

Tiger Woods prefers a somewhat boring brand of golf. A conservative player at heart, Woods takes as much pleasure in avoiding bogeys as he does in making birdies. He likes to creep up leader boards with ruthlessly consistent play, rather than anything flashy.

And yet, through a career of 82 PGA Tour titles, 15 major championships and countless iconic moments through a career on tour for 25 years, you’ve certainly had your share of WOW moments.

In a new video, “Tiger’s Craziest Shots presented by CDW,” Woods and Henni Koyack re-live some of Woods’ greatest hits—from the raise-the-roof ace at TPC Scottsdale, to the shot-in-the-dark in Akron, to the bunker-slice from Mexico—and plenty more in between.

Woods takes viewers inside each shot: What he was facing, what mechanical tweaks he had to make, and how he was able to pull off the shots we’ll never forget.

Here’s one of our favorite takeaways from Woods, on his famous flop shot that he holed at the 2012 Memorial. In Woods’ own words: “I had a decent lie but it was sitting down a little bit. The only way I could get the ball close, and possibly not hit the ball in the water, was to take it vertical. I took a chance that I could get this thing up in the air and maybe if I hit it high enough, I could use the wind to kill it. I took a pretty good whack at this one. Raked across it pretty hard, and it came out perfect. Rolled down there and just fell in, and I screamed.”

For more of his insights, watch the video (below) in its entirety.