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Tiger Woods making progress on course designs, signs off on front nine at Bluejack National

October 06, 2014

Tiger Woods' golf course design business finally is making progress, despite news that last month's Hurricane Odile has jeopardized the December opening of the Diamante El Cardonal course he designed in Cabo San Lucas.

Last week, Woods made a site visit to Bluejack National, a private course he has designed northwest of Houston, and he signed off on the front nine there. The course is expected to open in early October, 2015, and would be his first design to open in the U.S.


"Our opportunity to work with Tiger has put us really close to Tiger Woods' imagination in what he sees when he's looking at golf holes," Michael Abbott, a partner of Beacon Land Development, said. "He's combined great elevation changes with his great imagination. From that, he's creating this look and corridors that can really strike some emotion. People maybe don't see Tiger Woods as an emotional golfer, but he's definitely an imaginative golfer.

"It is refreshing for us to be with Tiger Woods as he explores all the different options around the green to tap into all levels of players. How he's making sure holes have movement left to right and right to left. One of the characteristics of a Tiger Woods golf course is that you should be able to play in front of the green. There are no forced carries in front of the green."


Abbott said Woods has taken a page from the Augusta National playbook, with only one cut of turf. When you miss the fairway your ball will settle on pine straw. "You can still find it," Abbott said.

"He's really opened up the corridors, beautiful alleys," Abbott said. "He's done a fabulous job. We didn't know Tiger could draw, but he can draw. To see him with paper and pen in hand is special. It's a pretty hands-on project for him. This is more than just Tiger Woods coming in for a drive by."

Photos of Woods' site visit, including the two here, have been posted at his Facebook page.

As for El Cardonal, "Diamante said it is still trying to determine if it will be able to maintain the scheduled December opening, and expects to make a decision early this month." Travel Pulse reported.