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Tiger "trash talks" with Chris Paul, fires 6-under 64 in first round at Wyndham

August 20, 2015

Prior to playing the first round of the Wyndham Championship, Tiger Woods enjoyed himself by playing with NBA All-Star Chris Paul in the Wyndham Pro-Am on Wednesday. According to Woods, there was a fair amount of trash talk throughout their round.

Paul went ahead and tweeted about the round as well, referring to Tiger as the "greatest of all time."

Early on Thursday, Woods went and shot a six-under 64, putting him in contention quickly. His round featured an impressive chip-in for birdie and select other remarkable putts.

That leaves a few lingering questions: What in the world did Chris Paul say to Tiger? What was their trash talk exactly about? Is Paul the cause of Tiger's success today? Regardless, when Paul was asked who had to buy dinner that night, he replied, "Let's say I'm going to keep my wallet in my pocket."

Maybe Paul said something about him not winning a major since 2008 and started to wonder if Woods really was the "GOAT" anymore. As a fellow Nike-sponsored athlete, perhaps Paul thought Tiger needed to step it up.

Indeed he did, and it will surely be interesting to see if Tiger keeps it up throughout the tournament. And, maybe Tiger equaled the trash talk to Paul, and the Clippers will win the next NBA Championship with Paul as MVP. Well, anything can happen.