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Tiger Woods: A bad investment?

March 19, 2009

That's what some are saying about the $3 million that Tiger Woods will receive to play in the Australian Masters in November. The government reportedly is picking up half the bill.

The Australian newspaper The Age reports: "State Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said it was hard to believe the public would think paying for Woods to play was a good idea when people were losing their jobs. 'When there is concern about high levels of executive salaries, the Government's spending $1.5 million on the highest-paid sportsman in the world to come here for a tournament which is not an international tournament.'

"Mr Baillieu also questioned the Government's assertion the Woods' visit would deliver an economic boost of $19 million, saying it was an individual tournament without overseas coverage.

"'Where is the evidence that $19 million of benefit is going to flow to Victoria because Tiger Woods fronts?' he asked."

Here's a point/counterpoint from The Age writers.

-- John Strege