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These photos of clubs that Tiger Woods played in 2005 are pretty unbelievable

September 24, 2015

It's not news to anybody that Tiger Woods was quite good at golf in 2005. One of the best seasons of all-time. Like ever.

It started with the Dual at Doral with Phil Mickelson and Tiger at the start of the year. Then Tiger ended the season with two majors (his last Masters and his second British Open) and six total wins.

This was the culmination of Tiger's newly transformed swing with Hank Haney. It looked effortless again in his return to the top of the game.

Behind those results? These Nike blade irons, which were snapped today by PGA Tour equipment writer Jonathan Wall, with some RIDICULOUS wear patterns:

If you looked at my irons at any given time, you'll probably see scuff marks from hitting below-average range balls at less than premium driving ranges. Tiger? Just hitting it on the sweet spot pretty much every time. That's how you dominate a sport for a dozen seasons. Results like this.